First miler ever

It was raining on Tuesday; I was too lazy, so I made an excuse not to run in rain, and went to Five-Guy for lunch. After lunch, I decided to run MCRRC Firebird Mile. I never ran a miler before, ever since I start running in 2002, I always running nothing less than a 5000 meter.

After work, I went to Gaithersburg High School track for the race. When I arrived and I met with several guys in GRC and they asked about my goal; which I did not have a single idea what was about to happen. I was wearing my Brook regular running shoes, but I saw everyone was wearing either training or flat; in my head, I didn’t think those shoes make that much different.

That were suppose to have eight heats for the mile race, but since there weren’t many people showed up, so MCRRC combine the last few heats together. At 20:24, heat 7th and 8th started together. I was barely hanging on with three older gentlemen for about 200 yards, then they start took off, and I ran alone for most the way. After two laps, I felt my legs are getting heavy. I suppose shoes do make the difference after all.

One of the guys from GRC finished with 4:22 in four laps, but I only did three. I finished with the miler with 5:42. I guess it is not bad for my first miler, but I think I can do better; which I will shoot for Mid-summer miler later on this year. Maybe I will get performing training by then…

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