Wineglass Marathon

Wineglass Marathon is on Sunday Oct 03 and weather forecast I'll be running in cold and rain...

Isn't it great?! All the hard work that I done in the hot summer will be paying off in the winter-like weather with cold rain; which it remind me of my second marathon in 2003 Austin Marathon.

It was 31 degree at 7am in Austin Marathon on Feb 16, 2003. That was cold, rain, windy, and I was lack of experience in distance running. At the 10:30am, weather only went up 5 degrees and rain didn't stop during the whole race. The worst case was I nearly got frostbite after that race, it took me near thirty minutes to get to felt my fingers again, but I did ran a personal best at the time.

It was memorable race and I will remember that day for long long time. Let's hope for better outcome on this coming Sunday in Corning and I will reach my target finished time, 3:05:59 ~ 3:07:59.


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