Looking back and ahead ...

On Sunday of February 20, I was schedule to run 13~15 easy miles; but I ran MCRRC Country Road 5 Miler instead. However, I still ran about 2 miles before the race start, then ran the race in 31:21, and lastly ran the course second time to make up approximate 12 miles.

On Monday and Tuesday, I ran few easy mils in rain, snow/ice, and wind just get my legs ready for more to comes; also saw Dave Burnham (I think) run/jog near Tidal Basin.

Today (02/23/11), I ran 9 miles (H-pt + RC PKWY Trail)during lunch break and did few intervals with 2 minutes break in between. The intervals are 1:00, 3:00x2, 1:30, 3:00x2, 1:30, 7:00, 3:00, 1:00x3. I finished the run within 62:18, which is about two minutes faster than I usually do.

I am flying home (SAT) tomorrow night to help my folks to move and will run UTSA Diploma Dash 5K while I am in town, where I will try to get my personal best as close to 18:00.

On Sunday of 02/27/2011, planning on run a 19 miler on newly built San Antonio Greenway Trail; can't wait to see how San Antonio has change...

02/28 and 03/01 are driving day to sunny southern CA and I will continue run while I am out in the west; I haven't plan my runs that far out yet, but I know I will be running, since my running shoes is in my pack already...

Two weeks from this freezer... Can't wait!!!

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