Last, this, & next week

Last week, I was feeling burning off; I came off from a large personal best in Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, then jump right back into marathon training without much of rest. I took two days off from running and iced my legs like a dish of Sashimi . On Sunday, I ran from the Line to CC trail, then down to the Towpath, connect back to zoo-loop, and wind back on Beach Drive for total of 21.0 ~ 21.25 miles, finished with 2:36:32, averaging about 7:22/mile pace. I felt good right after, other than minor soreness on calves, suppose to be normal.

I started it easy on that run and pick up some after I hit Towpath, I picked other runners/poles as target spot to do some light pick-ups and I also wanted to meet other GRC’s guys around zoo loop; but that didn’t happen. I didn’t see everyone till I got back to the Line.

Monday, I learn my lesson from previous’ week, take myself from running, and rest up.

Tuesday, I was still little sore from 21-miler, but I was too hungry not to run. I felt the thirst in me, ran around and about Rock Creek PKWY.

Wednesday, I felt strong. I ran about 7 miles by across Memorial Bridge to Key Bridge, and then connect back to RC PKWY by portion of Towpath.

Today is Thursday; I did a light (tempo) work out. Start from work, jog and warm up on Mass Ave, I did few light pole pick-up on RC PKWY trail, then eventually get to Memorial Bridge and crossed it.

From crossing M bridge, back to DC on 14th St. Bridge, and then into Hains Point I ran 5(/6) x 5:00 tempo. I ran into a long time from at the bottom of H-Pt, and then I slow down a lot to chat with him. After we depart our way, I finished the run with few one-minute tempos. I get today’s run done at 81:36 for 10.82 miles; which is totally fine, since I am tapering for New Jersey marathon and Pike’s Peek 10K is this coming Sunday.

Tomorrow is off day from running, but x-train. I am going to do an hour of yoga session. However, I am reading Born to Run – it is about ultra-distance running. Part of book said that yoga doesn’t give runner any good benefit and actually hurt us over time. Well… I guess I need to be careful about that, don’t I?

Pike’s Peek 10K is on Sunday morning. I ran that last year and PRed; but I didn’t warm up well before the race, didn’t get to the starting line just ten minutes before the race started. I think I will learn my lesson this time around.

I ran 18:36 5K (5:59/mi pace) on Feb 26 and 1:01:38 10-mile (6:10/mi pace) on April 3, so I am target to run a 37:36 ~ 38:07 10K on Sunday, that is 6:03 ~ 6:08/mile pace. I don’t think that is too much over my head. Sunday is also March 15th on lunar calendar – another holy day for Buddhist, vegan for that day.

Next week’s run will be depending on how I feel after Sunday’s run; but I will not over work myself just 14 days before 26.2.

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