Post NJM and Looking Ahead

I didn’t run for five days after New Jersey Marathon; I completely pulled myself out from running, the goal was get myself clam down from back-to-back three straight PRs, (CB 10mi, PP10K, & NJM). On Friday's night, I felt I was ready to run.

I went to help out in a MCRRC club race on Saturday morning. Then I put on my trainer and joined the fun afterward. I didn’t want to push hard after off days; so I stay back and run my own pace by feel. I felt fine. At mile 1.5, I decide to push a little and see how my legs responded.

yeeee…ha… I felt my legs are screaming for more as I press down, I felt my legs are hungry for punishment. Then I charge, but I still don’t want to take any chances of injuries. I kept the pace around 6:45~50 till mile 2.8, then I felt my right calf twitch a little and had a weird sensation on the outside near the IT band.

In the instant, I cut back. I let an “old” guy pass and follow him to the finish. Clocked 19:03 at finish line and it’s two seconds faster than last year on the exact same course. Generally I feel good about this race, I didn’t use my race shoe and didn’t even try to race, but the outcome is better than expected. After the race, I team up with Jordan, Tom, Lee, Mark, and Rob for a cool down on the course. I logged about 6.2 ~ 6.5 miles and about 50 minutes for the day’s run and the week.

I stretch after I get my cool down run done and ice my calf as soon as I get home. By Sunday, I felt fine and didn’t want to risk running any. However, I got chill over Saturday’s night. I woke up with a headache, sore throat, and cough. Take some Chinese herbal pills and tea. Then seems gotten better on Monday’s morning, but still cough quite a bit. I am going take another day and get this thing out; so I can start train again.

Looking ahead and after spoke with Arturto, I think my long term goal is run faster and stronger marathon, rather than miler. So I am going to more mile repeats rather than short stuff; but I am not a big fan to a 400-meter track. However, I did give my word to Red Fox that I will take my rare and join Wednesday’s work out. For that, I am going to give myself a three-week “trial period.” I am going to join Wednesday’s work out with the guys starting this week (if my cough is cured). I will see how I feel after three-week.

So for this first work out, the current plan is 1 mile warm up, then 2x0.5 mi (3:35), 2x0.5 mi (3:30), 2x1.0 mi (6:58), 2x0.5 mi (3:35), 4x0.25 mi (1:43), 1 mile warm down, for the total of eight miles; with 60 seconds walking/standing around between set.


  1. You don't "have to" run workouts. I was simply noting that as an example of one of the practices available each week.

    Also, if I were you wouldn't do anything fast for quite some time given that the marathon just happened.

  2. I understand, but I also wanna keep my word and see what's like. I am going to test it out this month while I am not put in training for fall marathons. By June roll around, I will focus for Akron and Tucson.