August 15 - August 22, 2011

I notice I haven't post anything about my train since August 14.  Let me back track and see what I come up with.

August 15, 2011 – I was very sore after 23 miles of running, so slept in and skipped the run.

August 16, 2011 – I was still sore, but manage to jog slowly with Mike B during lunch hour in RCP trails for 41:50 approx. 5 miles.  I signed up with Akron in the following afternoon.  I still looking for travel companions or drivers, feel free send me a message if you wanna check out the Rock Hall and Lake Erie.

August 17, 2011 – still somewhat sore, but able to run in normal train speed for 39:00, approx. 5.6 miles. 

August 18, 2011 – It was a warm day during lunch hour.  I ran out easy on my own for 1h’15m’39s’ approx. 10.1 miles.

August 19, 2011 – I took that day off from running.  I figure I ran a 23-miler and a 10-miler within five days; it would be good idea to get my body recover, then I can ready for my Saturday’s morning long run and Comus XC 5K. 

August 20, 2011 – I woke up early and got myself out of door before 07:00 and started run down Valley Trail around 07:40.  I ran mostly on the trail, but ran about 3 miles on Ross Dr & Beach Dr on the return trip -  I logged about 12.5 miles that morning for total of 1h’31m’31s’ and felt good.  I stretch some, drank some G, went home, down some food, took a nap, and then drive up 270 to Comus.  I arrived to race site around 16:30; after some brief conversation with some friends, I team up with M Hoon ran a 17:00 warm up down the race course – it is hilly course.  Time rolled around to 17:25, I caught up lovely Ms. C Howard, it was very nice to see her; on the race course, I also saw several Pacers along with A. Dumm ready to take the crown. 

Around 17:30, I charged out with 25 or so people down the grass field and I felt soreness on my legs.  I was suffering after the morning long run and warm humid air; but manage to get to finished line at 22:00 flat.  I ran roughly total of 17.7 miles for the day.  It was enough for me; I grab a beer and ice cream on each hand, chated with friends on the soft grass…  Good time!!!

August 21, 2011 - I was beat when I got home the night before and slept in late till late-morning.  I took anther day off from running. 

I ran about 38 miles last week; it is very low mileage week, but I think is okay, since I had several key hard runs and races.  Time is running out – less than five weeks away till Akron Marathon, it is gonna be great…

August 22, 2011 - I got out of work early, went to an appointment, and have extra time afterward.  I decided to drive down to the Line and ran on Valley Trail.  I ran for 41:30 approx 5.6 miles.

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