August 23 - August 25, 2011

August 23, 2011 – I ran during lunch hour.  I ran from office to TR Island, then back to from office via TR Memorial Bridge for total of 56m'05s' approx. 8.2 miles.

August 24, 2011 – Track work again.  Due to few hard runs and races, I have not complete a track workout since 08/03.  Splits are below:
Work out plan
DistanceReprepetitionmm:ssRep 1Rep 2Rep 3Total time
16001Warm Up8:400:08:40
160016:16 or 1:33/lap6:100:06:10
3200312:45 or 1:35/lap12:1412:5012:400:37:44
80033:00 or better3:103:002:590:09:09
16001Warm Down11:060:11:06
Distance in meter176001:15:45
Distance in mile10.94Shoe for Warm up + down:Brook GTS7-4
Shoe of Race/Workout:HyperSpeed

I think I did well overall and I felt so sore afterward.

August 25, 2011 – I felt my legs were dead this morning when I roll out of bed.  I came into work and iced my hammy when I get to my desk.  By lunch hour, I felt slightly better; so I go for a run in RCP trail.  Halfway into my run, rain was pouring down, and I loved it.  The rain really cools me off and energized me to run harder.  I ran for 38:21 approx. 5.1 miles.

I think I am going take it easy tomorrow, run long on Saturday’s morning, and easy run on Sunday.

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