March 2013

Another month, I started the month of March with a day off.  Next day morning, I stroll down on MHT for an easy 4.3 miles as pre-race-day jog to prep for Reston 10 Miles.  Sunday morning, up early, and get to South Lake High School at 6:45 to pick up my package.  It is my first official Potomac River Running race with their jersey. 
Initially, I thought put on a PR jersey is something very special; but as I stood there waiting for the gun goes off, I didn’t feel very much so.  I am not sure why, it just felt different with this new team.  When I was GRC, we know each other, even I didn’t training with everyone on a regular basic, but the environment was fuel with energy, but with PR… Not that much, it felt more like … I don’t know.  I’ll see how things will go later down the line.   
Anyway, there aren’t much to talk about Reston 10 Miles, other than I wasn’t completely recover from RRCA Championship, within the first mile into my run, I felt my legs were very heavy and sore.  The course was hilly and the weather was windy and cold; I barely finished with the race with a time of 1h’4m’26s’.  I logged total of 15 miles for that day with warm up and down.Monday of March 4 was another off day for me, it wasn’t I plan to do so; but I was too sore to get up from bed in the morning; however, I did get out bed and get to my desk barely on time.  I felt somewhat better on Tuesday and went out for an hour run around Hais Point and did Yoga in the afternoon. 
National Weather Services announced heavy snow fall on March 6 and Uncle Sam closed for business.  Somehow that reward me to do a messy run in RAIN, I got in 6.3 miles in some strong head wind and soak everything I had on, and skipped Wednesday track workout.  Nothing special for Thursday, other than weather was clear out for a 10-mile run during lunch.  Easy day on Friday and ran 21.75 miles on Saturday for 2h’47m’44s’; I felt good and confidence for marathon.
Week of March 11 was the cut-back week.  On Wednesday of 3/13, I did a ladder workout with MCRRC group by running 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, and 400m with 400m recovery.  I ran 1m'20.50, 2m'48.70, 4m'20.40, 5m'49.80, 4m'20.80, 2m'50.10, 1m'19.20; and logged approx. 10 miles including warm up, warm down, and recovery jogs.  I took the next two days easy and ran 14.5 miles on RCP trail.

Week of March 18 was the cut-back and rebuild week.  Logged approx. 7 miles on each on Monday and Tuesday, then mile repeat workout on Wednesday of 3/20.  I planned to run 4x1 mile at 6:16 pace with 800m recovery, if I felt good after the 4th, I’ll do additional mile.
I got to track early to get in a long warm up and then I am off to go; but instead run it consistently, I ran somewhat “off”, I split 6m'05.6, 6m'13.1, 6m'15.2, and 6m'16.6.  After the fourth, I felt so great and go for the fifth set and clocked 6m'08.0.  Not bad!  I got in approx. 10 miles including everything.  Two easy days following Wednesday workout and on Saturday of 3/23, I ran a Hanson Marathon Training Simulator Workout on RCP trail.  Carmel Marathon course is pretty rolling with few long incline between 10 to 14, according to their elevation map; which pretty similar to RCP Trail.  I started the run from mile marker 12, then run to marker 4, then turn around back to where it started, and add additional 0.29 mile to concluded at 16.29 miles (or 26.22 kilometer). 

At 07:30, I headed out of my house and stroll down the Matthew Henson Trail.  There was a light tail wind breeze on the back during the first half, then my watch somehow lost signal on few spots while I ran south on the trail, so the pace shown here is off for sure; but I clocked 53 minutes flat for 8 miles, that average 6m’38 per mile.  I turned around marker 4 and started to head home.  That light tail wind became a head wind and made me feel like running into walls.  Signal didn’t die this time around and I got in exactly 8.29 miles for 55m’21s’, that is 6m’41 per mile.  I finished the workout in 1h’48m’21s’, which is 6m’39 per mile; in another word, I should be capable to run a 2h’55m’ marathon, based on their concepts.  I’ll see about that on race day.
I wasn’t as sore as I expect on the very next day.  I got out of bed very early on Sunday and joined the fun in Piece of Cake 10K with my friends in MCRRC.  I didn’t want to push hard on that hilly course.  Besides, I had nothing in my legs to push after the simulator workout; I was actually very happy to finish the race with the exact pace I wanted to run.  I ran 40m’ flat in Piece of Cake 10K, that’s 6m’26s’ per mile.  That was very good way to end the week; other than picked up few prizes for 2012 series in Club brunch.
Week of March 25, I was death tired on Sunday night after the race, 8 hours of sleep didn’t help me much, and I decided to take a rest day on Monday.  Tuesday, I ran a pretty hard 8 miles during lunch, because I tried to get the run done just before Yoga.  Wednesday night, I drove down to Wotton and ran the exact same workout as 3/20 – 5x1 mile at 6m’16 pace with 800m recovery.  I pick up a pair of Kinvara 3 on my way down to the track and tried to break it before marathon day.  Not sure because I was pump because of simulator workout or I truly recover, the workout was actually pretty fast; I clocked 6m'12.7, 6m'08.6, 6m'11.0, 6m'09.5, and 6m'05.20 for each rep.  I logged approx. 11 miles in total. 
I was going to take an easy day on Thursday, but an emergency stress call that forced me to sprint to Navy-Marine Memorial and found some TPs on Mt. Vernon Trail; I got in approx. 8.1 mile for about an hour.  After three stressful days, I felt like I need to take a little break, but I do need to get more fitness in; therefore, I paddle on a Fitness Cycle for an hour during lunch.

Saturday was the 24-mile run and I ran a very similar course as Carmel.  The original idea was to run from Silver Spring to Wisconsin Avenue, via Zoo loop, then back to where I start by run on hilly Wisconsin Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, Goldsboro Road, River Road, CCT, and Jones Mills Road.  But I looked at the course for Carmel; I just don’t think I need to hammer hard on those hills, because the “biggest” hill in Carmel Marathon is roughly 0.7% based on their elevation map.

Why would I taking risk to get hurt three weeks before race day by running something unlikely to encounter?  Then at the same time, I shouldn't load up miles so late into training.  Well…  In the past couple marathons, I got cramp and slow down toward the very end, I think that due to lack of intensive in long runs; therefore, I planned my long run harder and more intense in the spring marathon training; I think is working so far.

Anyway, I ran the usual route down RCP Trail
to DC line, and then back home for an easy 24-miler in 3h'02m'27s' and I felt pretty sore on my right IT band when I stopped, but I think that's because I press down a little toward the end (due call of nature).  I felt good and the taper started right after.  However, I am going to run Cherry Blossom next week and I should be ready for a new personal best; but I probably shouldn't push hard for that…  I'll see about that.

Anyhow, within two hours finished the run, I got myself down onto my massage therapist's table, as she go through my sore legs, we noticed there a pretty sore/pain on both heels; she suggested me to get in touch with a doctor right-the-way.  Therefore, I will make a fieldtrip to Lee's office really soon.  I am just hoping for the best by rolling on iced water bottle.  More will come later on this week (I promise). 

I felt excellent this morning as I rolled out bed this morning, I guess Stephanie did a good job on me, and the sharp pain in heels disappear, but I am still going to make that appointment on Monday morning to have them check out, and I took today off by listen to Leslie's concert most of the day on couch.  I finished the month with a total of 223 miles.

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