August 5 – August 16, 2013

On Monday, I took a day off as precaution of the scratched knee.

On Tuesday morning, I joined Dojo of Pain for a set of 800m interval workout on Hais Point.  Before start, I planned to run 6x800m at 2m’55s’ pace.  Then I ran 3m'00.02s', 2m'55.21s', 2m'48.03s', 2m'49.87s', 2m'50.42s', & 2m'48.32s'.  I felt sore after the sixth, but thought I should do more.  We jogged slowly back to Jefferson to get our shirts, then I departed, and then stroll toward Lincoln on Ohio Drive.  After about a mile of recover jog, I decided to run 2x400m repeat by feel.  I surged forward as I crossing the Tidal Basin bridge; I ran 1m’35.05s’ for the first 400m, but I missed the mark for the second, so I end up with 2m’16.13 for about 525-nish meter.  I finished the day with total of 9.2 miles. 

I felt significant sore on Wednesday morning, but think I should punish myself more.  I got to work early enough and ran this loop in 1h’25m’54s’.

On Thursday, I got little greedier and ran this loop in 54m’22s’. 

On Friday, I wanted to run, but realized Going Green Track Meet is on Saturday night; then another day off of my feet. 

As I said before, I am not a miler and never will be.  I ran Going Green as second workout of the week.  For the 2-mile, I planned to run 1m’26s’ per lap to have a new personal best if condition works out for me; but I got the track so late and didn’t have enough time to do a proper warm up.  I end up running the second heat and I ran a pretty disappointed time at 11m’53.7s’ – (1m'26.50s', 1m'30.06s', 1m'29.32s', 1m'31.15s', 1m'31.47s', 1m'29.99s', 1m'31.64s', & 1m'23.37s'); it is a good workout pace for marathon training, but isn’t good as a track race. 
2013 Going Green 2-Mile - 11m'53s'
For the miler, I did little better by running 5m’50.1s’.  After the miler is 4x400m relay and I ran the first leg for our team, I done that in 67-second – fastest 400m I ever ran and our team finished second in the relay.

Sunday was a sore day, but I still managed to run with few friends around Bethesda Trolley Trail for about 14.5 miles. 

On Monday of August 12, I ran a reasonable easy 6 miles around this loop for 45m’53s’. 

On Tuesday, I planned to do 8x800m with Dojo of Pain.  The temp was cool, but cloudy, and I wasn’t fully recovered from hard runs in the past few days.  I ran first six sets in 2m'53.49s', 2m'57.33s', 2m'56.11s', 2m'51.08s', 2m'51.89s', & 2m'51.72s' – averaged 2m’53.6s’ each.  My legs felt very tender.  Alan felt the same, we decided to switch gear to jog 800m and do 2x400m to get some speed instead; we ran 1m’16.89s’ and 1m’18.02s’.  These two sets of quarter turned my tender legs into Jell-O.  I got in approx. 9 miles.

On Wednesday, I ran this loop in 1h’11m’14s’.

On Thursday, I ran opposite direction of Wednesday’s run, but little shorter distance in 55m’24s’.

On Friday, I hit the gym for core and strength exercises and tried to recover from running as I get ready for run in Leesburg 20K on Sunday.  Race report will post later.

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