Rileys Rumble Half Marathon

I just got home from the Rileys Rumble. MCRRC got a new course for this year, which hilly as hell. Hills did bother me very much, since I train a lot on hills; but the weather didn't help us out. Down pour rain came down at us within the first quarter mile and everyone got soak before we see the first mile paint.

However, I stay my pace, run with Vector and several others follow them up and down those hills. After few miles, there were only me and Vector together and about 20 ~ 30 people in front of us. Soon after mile 6, on a down hill, we were just holding our pace down, within five yards, one of sudden, one adult male deer with antler jump out wood and ran across in front of us. that kept us awake for a while.

At the first turn around point, I passed Vector and speed up on the hill. By after second turn around point, I pass Leo and the second female. Then few minutes later, I follow two guys to the last three miles of the race. When the race start, we were all go down these hills in a just good pace in rain. Then, we were paying the price of going up those hills in pain. At mile 12, I checked my watch, it read 1:24:20; I was shooting for 1:30 finish before the race start. So I hammer down and tried to pick up my pace as well as going up a long steep hill... It was TOUGH; but alone the way, I pass three guys that was struggling on that hill. At the last quarter mile, I dug deep and found a little strength/gas, I stepped on it, and within the last 200 yards to finished line, I pass additional guys and the first female runner....

I finished with 1:32:28 and this is a new personal best. The previous PB was in from Austin Half in 05 and Parks Half in 08 of 1:33:04. That is a 36 second improvement and it was hilly and rainy. Now, it is time to get some rest and prep for Parks Half Marathon in Sep 13 for another new personal best....

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