The National 15K

I suppose we all think of something when we are out running. Rather last night’s dinner, or what was on TV, or tonight’s plan, or whatever any kind of bothersome that may bother us. I was having pleasant thought. Kind of like day dreaming, I know I am not supposed to do this; but I do it all the time. When I was started running with my coach, Arturo; I often time run into a parked car or a road sign. That was before, the silly me.

Then today, I was running and thinking again. One idea came to me…

Why can’t we have a Washington Professional Sport Distance race?

I used to live in San Antonio TX; they only have the Great San Antonio Spurs, but still have a Spurs distance road race. They are doing a bloody good job, they promote their team by giving out cheap tickets (of they play shitted team, such as the Wizards) if you are a participant, winner of both gender get a pair of their play-off (court-side) tickets, and part of registration fee will go to local charities.

DC has all six professional sport teams (NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, & NHL); but there has no professional sport team branded road race! DC has so many charities that need money for whatever anything people that need. I think this can be a very good reason to start a good road race and I am sure this get support from the DC chamber of commerce for tourism.

However, NBA, WNBA, & NHL are host in Chinatown, they may not a lot of room for hundreds or thousands of runners; the Redskins host their games in middle of nowhere, that is not good neither. Then, I think the newly National Park could be an ideal organizer. We can have new Ball park to RFK (where is Home for DC United) distance race and it is can be a 15K road race.

I think an ideal example course can be run from the new National ball park to RFK (the old park), then down constitution avenue to Chinatown, then down 7th street to M street, then finish at s capitol street. It is about fifteen kilometer.

I don’t know anyone ever gonna read my silly blog, but I truly hoping someone can step in and get this race start it. Then, run a 15-K maybe too long for some people (to get a free ticket), but no pain no gain, right?

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