Ran new miler pr with a busy football-watch-training schedule

I ran 5:26.90 last night in MCRRC Midsummer Night miler; that is 23 seconds off from Firebird Miler back in April 14th. As my last post stated, I was running that miler in my trainer instead of any light shoes; but last night, I got an asics hyperspeed and I lost about four pounds of whatever. I felt was flying, but still fly very slow and got beaten by a 45-year-old dude. gee....

However, this month been very interesting month for me. At first, started my fall marathon training, but football world cup started; which I need to get my runs done before the 8:30am, so I can catch the first match and at the same time to avoid the midsummer "heat" wave. Lastly need to process annual revision estimate for uncle sammy; which need to work late since I go to work later than usual since I try to watch matches.

Tomorrow is the last match for this World Cup and I hope Spain and Holland can put an excellent match for all of us, doesn’t matter who win. Believe it or not, I already looking forward for 2014 World Cup, I hope I will still be running (same pace) by then...

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  1. Good job on the PR Frank! Remember running is all relative, so to knock 23 secs off your own personal best is huge!