Ten days later...

Today is October 13, ten days after Wineglass Marathon, and I felt great.

Since the Marathon, I took four straight days completely off from running; but I walk around the block near work during lunch hour and walk to Union Station after work to catch metro rail. That is about 2 ~ 2.2 miles of walking. Last Friday of Oct 8, I went out jog around the Mall for about 40 minutes, felt a little sore.

Then on Sunday of Oct 10, I ran MCRRC 5K XC very easy, and finished at 20:51; I also ran additional 25 minutes as cool down to make that as first long run. I was sore that evening and went to bed early.

On Monday of Oct 11, I ran about 35 minutes on Matthew Henson Trail and felt somewhat sore, but nothing serious. I repeat about the same distance on Tuesday of Oct 12.

Today, I ran 54:58 to Hains Point from work and back, just a little under eight miles. I feel very good and no soreness on my legs and anywhere else. I think I can attack again, but just be safe; I am going to take tomorrow off, since we are getting an inch of rain anyway. If I still feel good by weekend comes around, I will go run 10 ~ 12 miles in Aspen Hill’s hills.

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