Wineglass Marathon, 10/03/2010

Yesterday, I ran 2010 Wineglass Marathon and made a new personal best time, 3:05:22, averaging 7:04 per mile.

I been waiting for this PB for very long time and shown hard-work does matter. For friends that closed to me, they know I been struggle with few family issues since summer of 2009. Since event began, I stopped all my other entertainment and only focus on running. Day in and day out, running became a very important part of my life. Most importantly, running help me distress and help my sleep. I ran Freedom's Marathon last October and barely miss the BQ mark by few seconds. This time around, I train hard and rest well, finally the finished time is exactly on what I wanted.

I am so glad that I ran this new PB and (officially) become a BQ. However, my family issues/battle is remain, only temporary taking a break; but my running is continue. I will take this week very easy and see how I feel by week end. I have my eye on Harrisburg Marathon on Nov 14. I may do that if I feel better than good...