Recap on Al Lewis Ten Miler

I ran Al Lewis Ten Miler was on January 8 and it was all on ice.

On race day morning, I rise early; drank my coffee, eat my bagel, and get done with my other morning duties. It was pouring snow outside when I look out of bedroom window. Then I start to think, ‘what the hell I get up so early for?’

‘Al Lewis Ten miler, you idiots…’

So, since I was up and ready at 07:30, then might as well get my ass out to Ken Gar and see what gonna happen. I gather myself and drag myself to the race site. The drive to the race site was actully kind of fun, since I haven’t drive in icy road for long while, my car actually slide a little when I try to stop near light; but I get there safe and sound.

Once I got there, I paid my five bucks and put my chip on; then I found out I will running on RC park trail. Great!!!

At 09:00, ‘GO…’ and I ran. The route was mostly running on Parks Half Marathon course and it was all ice; since it snow mostly over night and no one going to clear out any road for us. I tried get mile split, but my hand got so numb after two mile due to the bloody wind, even I have my gloves on. Therefore, I only have few time splits on my watch.

Mile 01 - 6:55
Mile 02 – 7:05
Mile 05 – 21:31: which 35:31 for the first half;
Mile 10 – 35:47
Total time: 1:11:18.

Not good enough given the condition, but giving the fact that running on ice with minimum training since week long illness (cold and fever) during the holidays, I would pad myself on shoulder. This race was target as a tune up for CUCB in spring and I know I will be well-be prepare for it.

After I race, I met up with a friend to watch UT vs. uconn game that afternoon in Royal Mile Pub at Wheaton. What a weekend!!

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