Jingle Bell Jog 8K

Ran a new personal best in MCRRC Jingle Bell Jog 8K with a time of 31:12, that is 21-second PB from the previous personal best.

The day before race, my friends kept pour cold water over my head tried to talk me out of the race and NOAA was give out pretty shitty forecast. It just didn't turn out as bad as what everybody was saying.

As race start, I ran out hard with a group of ten and logged first mile at 6:02, which was little faster than I planned; but that was mostly down hill and flat. As the course progress, I ran into hilly portion of the race course and finished the last 3.98 miles within 25:10.

What a way to finish 2010 with a new personal best!! I have suffer a lot this year, but I turned my suffering into energy and try to get my time lower on every race. I looking forward for faster times in 2011, but less suffer and more joy ...

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