Cherry Blossom

Just about three hours ago, I finished with 2011 Cherry Blossom Ten Miler with a brand new personal best. I raise dark and early at 4:30 this morning, get my coffee and breakfast before use 罐罐, so everything goes as plan and got out my driveway at 5:40. Get to metro and met Dirk in Silver Spring.

So we got there and met with rest of GRCr, warm up; so how, I got to use the Elite tents, what was a pleasant surprise to me. Just ten minutes before race start, my left side abs was hurting. I didn’t know what the heck that was. So I thought that maybe just butterfly or whatever and ran on.

As race progress, I felt strong and run well; but my tummy pain worsen. After I got to mile marker 6, I started to control my breathing and steps to ease the pain. That didn’t help much. So I ease my pace a little and when I get close to mile 9 (please forgive me for what I about to say and also was the reason didn’t mention in the video review with JM & Towpath), wind was blowing in Haise Point and so was my rear-end. WTF! All that pain was just some wind built up in my stomach?! What a relief (and you may go wash your eyes now)!! I pick up my pace and charge to the end. Splits are –

Mile 01: 6:08

Mile 02: 6:14

Mile 03: 6:10

Mile 04+05: 12:13

Mile 06: 6:01

Mile 07: 6:10

Mile 08: 6:15

Mile 09: 6:24

Mile 10: 6:03

My watch clocked: 1:01:41 – 2:29 from the previous personal best.

Official result is 1:01:38

5 Mile  Gun Tim   Net Tim Pace
30:45 1:01:44 1:01:38 6:10

I am NOT tried to find excuses for every run. I know Mr. Nugget made sure I know there are no tourists on the course, but it was painful and distracting; however, I believe I can run faster than 6:10 pace in this distance and get better in all other distance race. New Jersey Marathon is exactly four weeks away. I believe I can get my time very close to 3 hours, maybe even break three if I "keep my sh#t together".

After the race, I joined GRC for photo + video shoot, which is very new to me. I was plan to join the group for food, but since today is March first on the lunar calendar and it is forbidden for Chinese Buddhist to have meat, then I didn’t join the fun since I noticed the menu is not for vegan.

I will rest up tonight, easy 3~4 tomorrow, and then continuous for rest of the marathon training.

I need to give a special thanks to Charlie Ban of Georgetown Running Company being so patient with my d#@k-hole emails and attitudes.

It was fun today!!

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