Hours away ...

It is hours away to New Jersey Marathon. NOAA forecast high 40s degree on Sunday morning with roughly 10-mile tail wind from mile 19th to finish. I don't know I can have another huge PR as in Pike Peek two-week-ago, but I certainly have a good chance to have one.

I ran much easier this last week before NJM. Sunday, I ran North from Lock-5 and turn around near Carderock road for (roughly) 11 miles with the time of 80:04. I know it is little further and faster pace than I planned; but I felt great during and after the run.

Monday, jogged easy with Michael around Rock Creek PKWY, whom was suffering food poisoning the day before after his 24-hours adventure racing on Saturday.

Tuesday, ran solo on Hain's Point and done a lighter workout (1:30x4, 3:00x2, 1:00x4) with 1:00 walk/jog in between.

Wednesday, ran easy for about 45 minutes (roughly 6 miles).

Today and Friday are totally off my feet from running.

I will run easy for about 30:00 on Saturday’s morning before I head up to the marathon expo in Long Branch, NJ for Sunday morning race.  I will try to talk to people in NJM about sponsorship in FD8K and don't know who/what will happen there, but at least get the word out for Georgetown Running Club.

However, it looking great on Sunday and I am looking for a new personal best of 2:56 to 2:62 at finish. I will let y'all know how it goes...

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