Ten days away to NJM

Today is April 21 and it is ten days away to New Jersey Marathon. I generally feel good. I took Monday off and ran very easy for Tuesday & Wednesday. I ran about 9.25 miles (60:40) today from work to Key Bridge, then loop onto TR Island, and back to work from 14th street Bridge. I did few small farleks (1:30x4, 4:30, 3:00, & 1:30x2/3) to maintain my fitness level till race day. The average pace is about 6:38 per mile and I feel very relax afterward.

Tomorrow is easy 5-miler on grass and an hour of stretch/yoga.

No running on Saturday.

I will do a 10 miles Towpath-run on Sunday from Lock-5.

As today, I plan to come to work extra early on Wednesdays morning starting on May 11; so I can leave early to meet up with GRC for track work out. However, I don’t think I am good enough to hang with the fast guys. So I think is better for me to run with the lady’s team, if that is a possible option. This is just a plan for today; thing can change. I’ll see…

Aside from running, I just finished watch 岁月神偷 (Echoes of the Rainbow) and is very very high quality film from Hong Kong. For those whom have Netflix subscription, you should check that out if that comes available.

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