Running in the heat and watch football match in the cool

Just one quick review for MCRRC CC Trail 5k last Sunday, I need stop being nice (CTR called me that several occasions) to volunteering in races. I didn't get a proper warm up before the race. I woke up so darn early and get to the Bethesda at 0543, set up registration tables, put out forms, etc; I didn’t get to leave for warm up at 0648, but race started at 0700… Holy animal-waste! I only get to run about 100 yards between my car and starting line as warm up to change shoes and shirt. So as “GO” went off, I ran out with the front pack down CC trail. I felt good at beginning and hit mile one at 5:41. As race progress, I start feeling it; then at mile 1.55 turn around, I couldn’t re-pick up that pace, hit mile two at 6:08, and mile three at 6:13. I finished the race at 18:38; just two seconds shy from a new personal best. ARRRRGHHH!!! Anyway, Sunday was also my 12 miles day for marathon training; so I ran additional 9 miles after the 5K race.

I took Monday off from running as I excused myself as “sore” from the race and long run.

Tuesday, I ran an easy 7-miler near home before work. It was good temperature.

Wednesday was warm and just felt like home (SAT), NPR said was 75 degree when I left home at 0545 for an easy 11-miler. I clocked 80:01 for that run in such warm condition.

Thursday morning was worst, when I left home for an easy 9 at 0600, radio said was 78 degree. I took my shirt off, within the first mile of the run in Aspen Hill hilly neighborhood streets. It was warm and humid; but I still finished with a time of 66:49, that is about 7:13 per mile. Compare to two days’ run, which pretty even pace for such condition.

I don’t usually say any negative things to anyone, always try to nice to people, and I’d never going to target others. BUT, why the heck this 死扑街仔 tells me thing on GRC blog about my silly joke. Since GRC blog is focus on promote running and not about personal attack; so I am going to give you this on my blog instead. Anyway, keep your two cents to get some pins to zip your mouth/hands.

Friday’s night is MCRRC Gaithersburg XC 5K. I am going to run that and it is my first XC for the year.

Saturday is cross-train.

Sunday is long run.

Aside about my life on running, what about watch some football matches after runs. For those that don’t know Gold Cup 2011 is going on now on US soil and 2011 Argentina Copa América is in July. Gold Cup suck, since only Mexico and USA will be two likely finalists; but for Copa América is something else. It will likely have lots good goals. Can’t wait to watch Brazil's matches!!!

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