Short Review on Gaithersburg XC

I ran Gaithersburg XC 5K on Friday of June 10, 2011 in Agricultural History Farm Park. The condition was very hot and humid. The course was different - just a minor different on that hilly course, it was enough to make it even more challenging on already the tricky course. Long story short, I finished with a disappointed time of 20:56.

On Sunday morning, I started a 14-miler at 0720 to avoid the heat wave, and finished approximately 14.7 miles at 1:45:02. Stayed up late to watch Mavericks beat the Heat for their first championship and use it as an excuse to skip early morning run, but can’t do this too often.

While I cleaning my house over the weekend, I came across several cassettes in my boxes. I tried to play them my old Sony Walkman, but don’t know which one is broken, they just don’t play. However, I found some of songs on Youtube on the titles I labeled on the cover long ago. That brought back memory…

Here are few songs I adore:

多啦A夢/Doraemon -

11" Doraemon

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