Feel like ran over by a car...

People here are BAD driver!!!

I rode bus home from metro last night and didn't get a seat.  I was standing on the bus while I reading “Rock Paper Tiger”; as we comes the intersection, one of sudden, a car cut in front of the bus and make the sharp turn onto the right hand side of road, the bus driver hit the break and everyone lean forward, my right hand caught myself by grabbing the pole, but my right elbow scratch onto the back door.  Everyone on the bus was fine and I scratch a little on my right elbow.  I generally feel fine afterward.

Then this morning, I awoke at 0515 and felt a dull soreness on the top of right shoulder and muscles near my right shoulder blade.    I “dry” swing my right arm as running motion, the discomfort sensation kick in, and the soreness remind me as in a car accident.  At the same time, NPR said “… 75 degree current in NW DC…”, I stop for a minute, and decided take a day off from running.  Other than the shoulder sore, I also been running hard for the past few days.  I hope this shoulder soreness will go away soon.  I am more than halfway into the marathon training and it would silly to sideline myself because this.

On Friday of July 8th, I ran Midsummer Night’s Mile and had a new Personal best on the track with a time of 5:22.2.  I guess is pretty good considering that I never been a track runner, haven’t step on a track since November 2010, and haven’t really done any hard tempo runs since prior of New Jersey Marathon. 

I called Arturo on Saturday and told him about it, he was please with similar reasons and he also said that track runners run differently than road runner and it is very difficult for the distance road runner to run track because foot land differently.  He suggested me to take a day or two easy by running on soft trail and/or grass field.  For that reason, I only ran about 25 minutes (approx. 3.25 mile) on Queensguard ball field easy. 

Then on Sunday, I ran with Fox and Hanson at Riley’s Lock.  The run in RL was fine in the beginning; I was able to keep up with them for the first 7 miles or so with 7:10 pace.  When we got to the third (or fourth) hill on River Road, it was so freaking warm and humid, those two animals (j/k) were moving fast up hill, then I felt my left Achilles has a little discomfort.  I don’t know that is because the track miler or lack water in me, so I slow down.  I don’t want to make thing worst.  I jog slow behind them and made my way back starting point. 


As a child grew up in the third World country has the benefit to see different weird thing that according to American standard.  I remember when I was little I used to go to restaurants in Guangzhou with my family to have fine dinning on snakes.  I seem how snake caught in display, bleed, kill, skinned, and cook.  Snake taste well and good for our health, in Chinese medicine, if you drink snake wine or snake gall bladder wine can increase your endocrine and immune system (  However, I did not learn enough when I was in cooking school to know how to catch and kill snake; that was why I never really know how to catch snakes since my life in US; otherwise, I can use my own rice wine to make snake wine (  However, I know I will going to dine for snakes next time back home.

Anyway, I ran about five easy miles on Queensguard ball field on Monday’s morning. 

Regardless I feel tomorrow, I am going to try run a ten-miler in the morning with few time intervals workout.  Unless my shoulder really bother me and terminate me run any...


  1. Cool, I'd like to try that, though I don't know if it's legal to hunt snakes around here.

    Check out this video I made in April when my dad almost stepped on a huge Snake.

  2. I don't see anything in Maryland law prohibit that; but it doesn't matter either way. I am not train to catch snake and not train to cook. You can buy and consume snakes legally in outside of San Antonio, but unlike our Cantonese’ cooking style.

  3. It is illegal to hunt snakes in Maryland and Virginia. They are protected by the Endangered Species Act.