Anger is the source of energy...

This week was fun. I overcome the shoulder soreness from that little accident on the bus last Monday and ran about ten miles last Wednesday with half dozen 2-minute repeat. However, I am need (force) to run mile repeat on track after spoke with Arturo this past weekend; let's talk about this little later.

The weather was cool down to low 60s at sunrise in last Thursday (07/14) and Friday (07/15). I ran about an hour (approx. 8.3 mi) on Thursday morning and I was sore after the Wednesday’s morning workout. On Friday morning, I ran about forty minutes (approx 5 mi) easy, since I was going to race in the Twilighter on Saturday’s night.

I was actually sore on Saturday morning when I get out of bed, but I felt fine after massage hammy with ice pack. Time roll around to 1645, I went down to Rockville Town Square to volunteer for the package pick up. That was easy! I left there at 1945 and head to the Invited Runners’ room to pick up my number and met up with the guys. Change up my shoes and short, then we head out for 1.5 mile of warm up run. The weather was mild compare to previous two years’ race. I warm up and ready for the race.

Comes around 2045, everyone’s spirits was high and charged forward as “GO” shouted out. I can’t remember much about the race, but I remember Brian and I ran together for most part of 1.5 mile and we clock 5:52~55 on race clock at mile one, but I didn’t split on my watch. Then I clocked 12:07 for mile 1 + 2, 6:15 at mile 3, 6:30 at mile 4, and 5:55 for mile 4.98. I finished with a time 30:48, a 24-second personal best, and can’t complain too much.

However, just another case to show that I pace better at longer distance, I noticed that I ran out too fast for first mile or lap (on track), then out of gas mid-section, then pick up again toward the end. That was why I said I need to introduce intervals on track and I am going to start this Wednesday. I consulted with Arturo and get myself an idea or two what be likely to do for the remainder of nine-week training.

After the race, I ran additional 2.5 mile as warm down. I end with the day with total of 9 miles. After that, I went to the post race party in our own GRC rock star’s home – the Wigloo. I had a few good conversation and drink. I recall one of conversations on patio that Dirk was talking to Andy about something angry and training, while Andy self descript as a beautiful flower. At this point, I think anger is good. Anger is power source for endurance athlete.

I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but anger was my source of energy from second half of 2009 to most part of 2010. You may want to know why. I can’t tell you the exact reason (yet), but you can feel my anger in this YouTube video.

That anger was the force put me to run harder and punish further. As today, that part of life is history, but that force remains; I used that source of anger during this spring road races, I punished myself deeper and deeper, and earned new personal bests for distance from 5K to Marathon.

But, I know we shouldn’t stay angry all the time; but that extra stress should use as a driving force push further in our training and racing. I think I will get myself turn to the mode of angry man few minutes before races. It might work for you too, but you may say,

I am a happy person and I get angry when I have anger...


Well... In any case, let me give you few reasons to get that force out of you and join the dark side. You can get upset with people on the metro, upset with your stupid @ss boss, upset with that fat coworker of yours suggesting when you should run and how to get better in training while he/she is about drop dead at any giving moment, upset with the poor guy/gal seeking total honesty from you, but get mad at he/she learn the cold hard truth, etc. I am sure you find the way to get your dark energy out.

Anyhow, today is Wednesday and is also the submission day for the Current Estimate at work; I got to work at 0700 and trying to get this sh#t done early, so I can get to Montgomery College Track early to run my repeat. I will post the workout splits later.

In the mean time, please enjoy this Fuddrucker's coupon....

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