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July 22

It was travel day to the Bay Area.  Before I get to the sub-70s weather, I must walk though hot-pan… 

My flight on Friday was at 1450 from BWI, so I didn’t leave home till 1030, and that was very warm already.  I was soaking wet by my own sweat as I walk up Matthew Hanson Trail to
Layhill Road
to catch bus to metro.  From my house to BWI, I need to take a Ride-on bus to Glenmont Station, then take Red line to Fort Totten and get on Green line to Greenbelt, then take B30 to BWI.  It is a two-and-half-hour ride for me each time I need flight out here from BWI (cheaper flights).  The AC on metro is cool enough to keep me sane, but Ride-on and Metro Buses’ AC are not; long story short, I took two steam baths before I walked into BWI terminal.

The good thing for my flight was an hour layover in Las Vegas and I made nearly 50% profits from the slot machine - $2.45.  I put in a five-dollar bill in a nickel machine, after three spins, 100 credits of nickel turned into 145 credits.  Not bad for five minutes in Vegas...

July 23

Spend some time with family during the day and done some family stuff.  Then rolls around 1600 and was about 78 ~ 80 degree with very little humidity, I drove down to the Los Gatos Trail Head next to Blackford Elementary School (BES) in San Jose and do my 19-miler long run. 

I was actually amazed by that trail.  I mean it is no comparison to our Capital Crescent Trail or Rock Creek Park Trail, what amazed me was that trail situates in such highly developed urban city, and it feels very rural to run in it.  However, it is a very fast and flat trail.  I thought it has all the mile makers, but it doesn’t.  So, since I don’t have a GPS watch, instead of running by distance, I decided to run for 2h’30m’ after the first 30-minute into my run. 

I ran from BES to Vasona Lack Park and then turned around back to BES for about 1h’30m’.  I drank some G and water, ditch my shirt, and then back on trail for 30-minute out and back for total of 2h’27m’57s’ run.  Later, I learn that I actually ran 20.5 miles after I mapped in online; that is a little too fast for my long run, but that also prove that I am ready for Akron in September.  I just need to make sure I don’t fuck up anything and stay healthy. 

While I was running there, I chat with few local runners; they were having a tough time to run in the high-70s temperature.  Then they were amaze by me after I told them I was visiting from DC area - which brings you the title of this blog.  We are a tough breed of athletes.  We living in capital area that has hellish heat wave and crazy snow storms, but all these conditions do not stop us from being active.  I felt so great and strong for being a Washingtonian (or Washington-Metropolitan-Resident); however, I think I have a bigger advantage by living in San Antonio for ten years before Aspen Hill.  The heat wave in DC this summer is very usual event for San Antonian.  In San Antonio, the temperature goes between 90 to 105 degrees every year from June to September.  Ten year in SAT got me ready for such “hellish” summer in Washington. 

After I move here, I have been though few major snow storms that build me into a stronger character in running.  Moreover, as one of my previous blog on my source energy is based on anger and desire; being hot or cold is not a good reason not to run.  Weather condition gets me wanted it more, have bigger desire to punish the run harder every time I out.  Mind over body!

July 24
I took Sunday off from running and spend some very valuable time with family before I get back to this hellhole.

July 25, nine-hour (including layover and delay) flight from SJC to BWI.  Thanks Buddha that there were no cried babies on the plane.

July 26, I got out of bed early and ran 50m’48s’ for approx 7 miles before work.

July 27, while I was having coffee this morning, I saw an article from Liza Howard’s running blog about running in heat of Running Times Magazine that I thought you’d like.

For today’s run is track workout.  I am planning to do 1.5 mile warm up, then 2x400 @ 90s’, 90s’ rest of each, 2x800 @ 3m’, 3m’ rest, 5x1600 @ 6m’20s’, 3m’ rest, 2x800 @ 90s’ or better, then 1.5 mile warm down.  I will post splits later.

July 28
As now, I plan on run tomorrow at lunch hour.  I plan to have a very good 8-hour sleep tonight, then run during lunch in the low 90s degree temperature.  I’ll see….

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