What a relief!!!

August 11, 2011 – I went to see Dr. Firestone early morning.  He determined I have no serious problem on my left foot after his looked at my foot x-ray. 

Lee said, “I don’t see anything wrong with your foot.  You felt the pain, probably because those big hills in Riley.  That course may cause your foot inflames and your shoes may tired too tight; however, but it also could be hairline factures that can’t see it on x-ray as now.  I think you should take it easy on your runs, avoid big hills, and watch out for any bad change.  I am going to give you some anti-inflammatory drug and let me know if that getting any worse."

After I left his office, I went to work, ran RCP trails with M Barry around lunch hour, and ice the shit out it afterward.  I picked up my yellow bottle from the pharmacy after work and popped one after dinner.

August 12, 2011 – I felt fine when I got up this morning, maybe the drug still in affect.  However, I planned to get to Walt Whitman High School to join or run Going Green 2-miler after work.

Before the 2-mile race, I ran one mile within first 2-miler heat, then ran the second heat for real and plan for 1:30 per lap; for the miler, I planned to run around 1:25 per lap.

Here are my data:
15m’34s’ warm up, approx. 2400m
1-mile in the first 2-miler heat, per lap split –


2-mile, per lap split –
1m’23s’ (I thought this was 8th lap)
2-lap warm down and stretch, 800m

Short break
4m’48s’ warm up, approx. 900m
1-mile, per lap splits –

10m’21s’ warm down, approx. 2000m.  Approx. total 12536m or 7.79 miles, that’s good enough for me.

I think I did a good job tonight, since I was not trying race with anyone, and I ran it as a light track workout after Riley and that scare foot issue.  However, I am going to take my day off from running tomorrow, just in case...

Then on Sunday, assuming I have no problem with my foot, legs, and/or anywhere, then will run an easy 23 miles from Lock 5 on towpath, maybe something like this route - or this -

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