I am worry...

Soon after Riley, I felt soreness on the top of left foot.  The soreness is about side of a dime and is located right in the middle of the top left foot.  I thought that were just simple tendonitis, just some ice and stretch will be fine.  So I stretch, stuck my foot in Scott’s pool for long while, and ice some more when I got home.  I did feel better on Sunday night. 

August 8, 2011 – I slept in to skip morning run, then iced left foot three ~ four time on Monday, and thought in order to avoid any further damage would be better off not running at all. 

August 9, 2011 – I felt little better, after I iced it extensively for two days.  So I got out early and ran about 52m’25s’ (approx. 7.2 miles).  Halfway into my run, I felt that again; specially I when going down hills.  I iced my foot as soon as I get home and continuous iced it though out the day.  I was worry.

August 10, 2011 – I woke up and seem like the soreness gone away.  I got ready and put on my shoe to run the PL routes (approx. 9 miles) near home.  The comfort fades away as I push up a hill.  At Aspen Hill Tennis Club water fountain (mile 2), I was debating should I continuous to finished the run or turn around to log four miles instead of nine.  I decide to take it real slow and see what would happen.  I jogged on, finished with a time of 1h’09m’43s’; the soreness worsen and it actually turned into pain.  At one point in my run, I was in so much pain, I had to stop, and walked a little.  I made an appointment with Lee Firestone as soon as I got home and hopefully he can tell what’s wrong with me.

Looking back to my log, I think this soreness was most likely trigger at the of last track workout.  I think it was because the last three 400s’ that I ran.  I should have just stick to my own plan and not get anyone to pace me.  Since I was sore after that workout, I didn’t rest well, then run an hour moderate pace less than 24-hour, and had a hard-and-hilly half marathon within three days.  That’s done it. 

According to Wikipedia, I think the soreness/pain is around the area of Flexor Hallucis Brevis, two sesamoid bones, and Extensor Hallucis Longus.  I hope is just tendonitis and go away soon; it is six and half week till Akron marathon.  However, I do prepare for the worse – if this indeed something stops me running Akron, then I will skip OH this September.  Especially I haven’t paid a dime yet.  If I skip OH this September and get back on speed within weeks, maybe I can run healthily in Tucson marathon this December, and I hoping for best.  The worse case scenario is out for the year, which is unlikely.

Wish me luck …

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