February 9 - February 14, 2012

02/09/2012 – I was very sore from the workout on Tuesday morning and still felt the soreness after solid 7.5 hours sleep.  I got to work at the usual early morning hour, change cloth, and run out the lobby by 06:54.  I stroll down to Constitution Avenue, and then connect to RC PKWY till I hit the dirt trail into the Park; I logged 57m'24s' approx. 8.0 miles for the day.

02/10/2012 – I awoke at a reasonable hour; however, I was very beat after solid six days of running.  I decide to use a day as off-day; but still manage walk around Matthew Henson State Park.

02/11/2012 – I learn my lesson the week before and put everything into my car on Friday night.  Saturday morning, I got myself out to Bethesda at 07:00 and met up few MCRRC members for a stroll in the Park.  I planned to run an easy 19-miler, but no more than 20 miles.  It was super cold!  Temp was below freeze the entire run; but I felt amazing well afterward.  I logged 2h’33m’25s’ approx. 20.25 miles.  I went to bed extra that night with a question that rather I’ll be running Country Road 5 Miler on the next day morning.

02/12/2012 – After solid 8 hours sleep, I felt sore, but refreshing when I roll out of bed.  I looked outside and noticed a blanket of white dust cover the ground.  #$%&!  I am no good running on ice.  I got drop on every Sunday runs with the guys on snowed day.  But I still got myself to the race site, since I signed up as a registration volunteer.  Time rolled around, race’s director ensure us the course were treated and with the rising sun, shouldn’t be any snow/ice left when everyone run by.

At 08:00, race started and I was charged out with my sore legs.  I clocked the first mile at 6m’19.79s’ and felt the soreness on my hammy.  While I try to catch my breath and hold my pace, I heard Lee come from behind, who was with me on the 20 miles long run the day before.  We exchanged a few encourage words and agree to pace each other for remainder of the race.  As the race progress, I clocked 6m’50.26s’, 6m’40.31s’, 6m’27.69s’, and 6m’33.34s’ for second to fifth mile, respectively; my official time is 33m’28s’ and Karl Dusen of GRC won the race.  I jogged briefly afterward for about quarter mile as warm down.  I clocked 36m’32s’ approx. 5.32 miles for the day.

02/13/2012 – I decided to take Monday off from running after two hard days. 

02/14/2012 – I felt very refreshing after a day off.  I got myself to work at 06:50 and ran south to Memorial Bridge at 06:55.  I was still a bit sore, so I decided to run easy.  I logged 46m’08s’ approx. 6.35 miles for the day.

今日情人嘅節, 我記得過去的衝動, 對愛情的熱衝動, 直頭不能想像...  但係咦加嘅我非常平靜, 非常邏輯性地對對方慢慢地作出了解...  希望菩薩保佑美好的明天會來临...

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