February 15 – February 23, 2012

I think it was delayed effect and soreness didn’t gone away as fast as I was hoping; on the morning of 02/15/2012, I was still somewhat discomfort on legs, but I figured I can go out easy to get some of those lactic acid out of my legs.  So I put in 1h’06m’37s’ of easy running, approx. 9.27 miles.  I usually run workout on Wednesday, but since I ran a 20-miler just few days before, so I skipped a workout would give me a maximum benefit to my body.
Perhaps, easy jog on Wednesday did actually worked; on morning 02/16/2012, I ran from L Street & 15th Street down and across Fourteenth Street Bridge, and return back home on Key Bridge, via Mt Vernon Trail for total of 55m’23s’ approx. 7.73 miles.
Time rolled round to Friday of 02/17/2012 and it is my usual off-day for running; and I took it.  I figured I ran a lot a week before and for the last few days, so my body needs some time to recover from those runs. 
I never ran from my home pass Baltimore Street toward Lake Needwood, 02/18/2012 was the day I decide to do so.  Ran from home, onto MH Trail, then onto RCP Trail, then get to Avery Road for about 7.44 miles (, and then turn around to return home for approx. 15 miles.  I end with the day with 1h’50m’04s’ for approx. 15.03 miles. 
After the run, I got myself hung out at Scott’s living room.  I enjoyed the laughter of his family and friend, tasted some good eat of hot pot, and an excellent Sangria with Grand Marnier that he mix; which that really did knock this 151 lb guy off the feet after three glasses.
Before that dinner, I was thinking to join GRCers on the next day for an hour run; but on Sunday (02/19/12) morning, I woke up with a mild hang over at 08:35 and that pretty much got me out of that possibility of get to the Line at 09:00.  I got out of bed and drown myself with extra strong coffee to get that out of my system; then ran out of my house just around 11:40 and logged about 1h’01m’59s’ for approx. 8.63 miles.  I finished with 47 miles and 5h’40m’11s’ for the week. 
I watch Jeremy Lin’s game after my run; the hard work and life that he gone through was a classic case for most Chinese American.  We as minority work very hard lots of time and often we didn’t get recognized by most people; tear and sweat were in our package.  I am very proud to have him as my fellow Chinese brother.
02/20/2012 was President Day and I ran 46m’26s’ approx. 6.5 miles on a ball field near home.  A new friend of mine ran Great Aloha Run at 1h’37m’ in Hawaii without any training whatsoever; good job girl!  I think she can run better races with right shoes, training, diet, and resting hours.
After a long and run weekend, I ran 50m’38s’ in early morning of 02/21/2012 and watch sunrise on Mt. Vernon Trail.  Sunrise on Potomac River is actually very beautiful.  I logged 50m’38s’ approx. 7.3 miles for the day.
I skip workout last week due back-to-back hard runs, so I decided to do a tempo run on 02/22/2012; however, since I am running RRCA Ten Miler in Columbia this coming Sunday, so my workout was somewhat easy, but longer repeat.  Before the workout, I was going to run 5x5m’ at 10 mile effort with 2m’30s’ rest.  I stopped for water after the fourth and gave me extra rest time; maybe that was why I felt pretty well after the fifth set, so I decide to run additional set for a mile at 10 mile racing pace.

Distance (in Mile)
Time (mm’ss.##”)
Warm up
Tempo 1
Recovery Jog
Tempo 2
Recovery Jog
Tempo 3
Recovery Jog
Tempo 4
Recovery Jog
Tempo 5
Recovery Jog
Tempo 6
Warm down

I was sore after yesterday’s workout, woke up with stiff quad on both legs.  I got myself to work locker room in reasonable early hour and start running in a spring morning.  Temp was superb in the morning of 02/23/2012 and many people out running around, unusually.
My quads were very sore and I remember Boston Tom told me after Country Road 5-Miler,

as I gotten older, I think we don’t get better running result from running high mileage; you get better PR by allow your body to rest well. 
So, I (tried to) listen, ease myself to stroll down RC PKWY Trail, but I still finished with a time of 47m’32s’ for approx. 6.5 miles; which is not exactly the pace I want for an EASY run...

I am going to take my usual day off from running tomorrow.  Then run an easy 30m’ pre-race run on Saturday morning.  RRCA 10 miles is on Sunday of 02/26/2012 and I will run it as training run.  Hopefully I will finished with a time between 1h'00m'50s' – 1h’02m’30s’.  Race review will post later.

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