July 13 – July 18, 2012

I took my usual day off on Friday of thirteen.  The next day, I made a very silly mistake before my progression long workout.  I got up in the morning and get my coffee.  As I pour coffee out into my mug, chew down some oatmeal, and I had a mood to have some soy milk with my coffee.  That was very stupid idea and I had about two spoons full of soy milk with it; I felt sick to my stomach just three miles into my run.  But I sucked it up and kept on going, took some water when I got to Aspen Hill park, and hoped that can wash it down; but that didn’t help and I threw up when I was crossing Veir Mill Road.  That was my first threw up on a run whether in races or training runs.  I finished the run with 1h’15m’49s’ approx. 10 miles flat.  I wanted to go further, but my stomach was in so much pain.  I felt better after some warm water and few hours of relaxing on couch.

The next day, I help out in the MCRRC Half Marathon program and ran in RCP trail.  I was pacing three guys for 8m’30s’ per mile pace.  They did well for the first half; after half way turn around, only Mike from Russia can keep up and ran exactly 1h’25m’14s for 10 miles, average 8m’31s’ and I think he should be able to reach his goal in Parks Half if he done everything right.  I ran additional two miles afterward as little extra to added into my weekly mileage.  I finished with the day with a total of 1h’40m’14s’ approx. 12.1 miles. 

Monday was nice day to run, I wasn’t as sore as any other day after a long run or workout; but I was somewhat frustrate with something, which I can’t remember why right now.  I ran very easy on RC PKWY that morning and ran into Teal near Kennedy Center; finished the day with 34m’06s’ approx. 4.7 miles. 

Tuesday morning was getting warm at upper 70s’ and I ran for 48m’22s’ approx. 6.9 miles. 

This morning was so fraking warm at 83 degree when I start my run at 06:55.  I planned a workout for myself to do on Hais Point.  The plan was to run 6 x 0.5 mile between 2m’46s’ and 2m’40s’ pace, if I feel good after the sixth, then I’ll run two additional halves; if not, then run 4 x 0.25 mile around 1m’20s’ pace; and take 0.25 mile as recover between each repetition. 

I stroll down to East Potomac Park and start my reps under the metro underpass.  It was so warm, humid, and I didn’t get very good sleep last night; all these really do affect my plan, but my splits are following:

I miscalculated at the fifth set and I ran 0.6 mile instead, but it is all good.  I was so beat after the sixth and I decided to run 4 by quarter instead; the splits are following:
I ran for a total of 1h’17m’12s’ approx. 9.4 miles, which included warm up, workout, recover run, and warm down.  I can’t complain too much for what I had done today – the condition was not ideal.  I am going to jog easy tomorrow morning and then prepare the weekend ahead.

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