July 8 – July 12, 2012

After a day of rest, I start my fall marathon training on July 8 by running 12 miles long run.  The target race is narrow down to North Face Endurance Challenge in MO and Thunder Road Marathon in SC on November 17, 2012.  I will see which one will work the best for me later on.  The long run wasn’t too bad; it was pretty warm at upper 70s’ when I began my run at 06:58.  I ran down to Ken Gar and then turn around to run back home.  I finished the run with a time of 1h’31m’01s’.

On the next day, I slept in for some and skip the morning run; then ran near home after work on a ball field for 45m’30s’ approx. 6.4 miles.  Tuesday morning, I ran across Arlington Memorial Bridge and back to work by Key Bridge for 50m’25s’ approx. 7.1 miles. 

Wednesday, I slept in for some again, and went out to MC track in the evening to do a workout.  I haven’t done a track workout for almost a year and I ran the MCRRC workout plan; which is 10 x 400m with 400m recovery.  I got to track quarter before seven, then I head out for a loop around MC campus as warm up, then join with Arthur, Michelle, Jordan, etc. for the workout.  Michelle looks great and seems all recover from her injury earlier this year, Jordan looked like burnt stick just got out the oven, & Arthur looks about the same; I haven’t see with them for very long time, but one thing I know for sure, they are in better shape than I and I have work to do.  The pace was good, I mixed in between, and ran a solid workout; splits are here –


I ran additional two loops around the campus as warm down; I finished with a time 1h’10m’50s’ approx. 8.9 miles for the day.

Thursday morning, my legs were dead and I felt like hell when I tried to chase down the Ride-On bus in the morning; I skip the run in the morning.  After work, I finally got an estimate for that fraking broken tree to be removed from my house; it is not cheap.  After that, I ran out for an easy stroll on MHT for 38m’03s’ approx. 5.3 miles.

I am going to take a rest on Friday and run a progression workout on Saturday morning.  On Sunday, I will help out in the MCRRC Half Marathon group for a very easy 11 miles jog in RCP. 

One quick side not, my picture is appear on page 75 of 2012Cherry Blossom Race report; that’s pretty cool!

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