June 29 – July 7, 2012

I skip two runs at the end of June due to stormy and down tree at home.  Then I started the month of July with an easy 43m’ (flat) for approx. 5.5 miles; no power at home, but great cold shower afterward.  Second day of July, still no power, more cold shower after 49m’20s’ run approx. 6.8 miles; I didn’t feel like doing quarter-mile repeats, so I did 7 sets of 1-minute repeats and felt pretty strong. 

Third day of July, power was back, since by taken cold showers two days in the row, I got hook with the coldness; cold shower after 55m’11s’ run approx. 7.1 miles made me feel refreshing, but didn’t do any good for sore legs.  I ran easily for 48m’08.88s’ approx. 6.6 miles in the evening of Fourth of July on Queensguard Ball Field.  After a short 11-hour rest, I ran somewhat easy 38m’14s’ approx. 5.1 miles in the morning of July 5th.

MCCR Mid-Summer Mile Meet was last night.  It was warm, but not too terrible – I done worst once in Corpus Christi TX back in 2005.  That was in the world famous Beach to Bay Relay Marathon and I ran the last leg in sub-110 degree with 90%+ humidity.  As far as I remember that was hottest day I ever run, they have ice cold sponges and water hose every fifty yard or so.  It was freaking hot! 

I got to the track around 19:30, drop off few item to Father's Day 8K's sponsor, and made a few small talks with few friends (Cathy, Lee, Denise, etc.).  Then I start my warm up for about a mile and did a few thing.  While I was doing warm up and I realized I haven't got on any track for very long time.  I tried to remember how to run on this fraking oval... 

Heat 6th was my heat, everyone got to the starting area.  Shortly after everyone line up, "GO" was called, everyone was surge out.  Before the race, I planned to run evenly 1m'20.5s' per lap to finished with a personal best.  But, my splits are 1m'17.29s', 1m'22.43s', 1m'26.27s', & 1m'23.01s' and the official time is 5m'30.3s'

Do I have any excuses why I fail to PBed?  Uhmmmm...  The heat maybe, since I admit I am no longer a Texan after several years of transplant to here; lack of training on track that mess me up; only rest for 36-hour after the Thursday's morning run .... 

I don't know and I don't think is really matter.  I never good on track after all, I like distance and endurance.  Anyway, I woke up this morning with stiff quads, sore hammy, and tight lower back.  It is a good day to be off and slept in.  I plan on run an easy 12 tomorrow morning at 06:00 if I up to it.  I'll see..

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  1. wow u ran in 110 degree in Texas? That's dedication right there! You rock!!!