April 29 – May 5, 2013

Nothing significant this week, other than an okay training run in Firebird Miler to test my post-marathon legs.  I took Monday off from running due soreness in knees, not sure was due to the 5K race or from marathon; regardless, I had no reason to run hard.  I only did yoga for about an hour.  I felt better on Tuesday, ran for 34m’38s’ before work, and did yoga during lunch.  For April, I logged roughly 134 miles, since I spend majority of month to taper before marathon and recover afterward. 

Wednesday was International Labor Day, I felt somewhat better day, and ran 37m’30s’ for approx. 5.8 miles.  With roughly 36 hours break from Wednesday’s run, I gone out to Watkins Mill High School for Firebird Miler.  Probably due lack of training and lots of resting, I felt fine without soreness.  I slowly stroll 1.6 mile as warm up, and then join heat 5 for the race.  Before I toe the line, I planned to run 1m’85s’ per lap for 5m’40s’ finished; I know I can run better if I didn’t run a marathon weeks ago, this run was ideal to add little speed to shake up these fat legs. 

Gun was fire and we were off.  Some guy press hard and took lead from the line till the end.  I was competing with the pack; I lead the pack in first lap at 1m’20.51s’.  John Way was behind me and starts to move up next to me at start of lap 2.  John have been running well lately considering for someone at his age, we hit lap 2 and 3 together at 2m’46.61s’ (1m’26.1s’ for the second) and 4m’13.03s’ (1m’26.42s’ for the third).  Over the oval after third lap, John dug deep and intend to take my spot; I told to myself, ‘oh no, you are not!’ I open my legs, press little harder, and clock the last lap at 1m’22.23s'.  I finished 2013 Firebird Miler with a time of 5m’35.26, official time is 5m’34.5s’.  Not to bad.  Linlin ran a fast miler as well and finished with a time of 7m'52.4s'.
I took Friday off.  On Saturday morning, I ran 9.1 miles with MC Boston group and celebrate a belated birthday for Dan.  I finished the week for approx. 24 miles.  I am getting back slowly.

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