Since May 13 …

This blog is long past due and sorry to everyone that been reading it.  So here are some notes from my log:

May 13 – May19, I ran this route on Monday without GPS turned on for 42m’17s’ and this for 38m’07s’ on Tuesday. 

Wednesday, I ran my first track workout since Carmel.  The plan was to run 8x800m with 400m recover and I want to run around 2m’55s’ – Lasso pace.  I believed I did enough of warm up, then I off to go, and clocked - 3m'02.60s', 2m'56.40s', 2m'56.50s', 2m'55.60s', 2m'59.20s', & 3m'01.60s'.  That was not exactly what I wanted to be, but I can’t complain too much since I been out for a while; and I got in just under 8 miles for the day.  I took following Thursday off since I was going to run Germantown Five Miler on that Saturday. 

After a day off, I felt fresh on Friday, and gone out for a 5K jog around my house for 25 minutes flat.  Saturday morning, I drove out to Germantown MD for the debut race for the new MCRRC Competitive Team.  This race doesn’t have a flat course and it is actually pretty rolling.  It been too long and I can’t remember all those detail.  All I remember I was running with another guy for majority of the race till the last half mile, when he pull away from me.  I tried to chase him down, but it was too late and too short of road.  I finished the race with a new personal record in 5-mile with a time of 30m’57s’.   I finished the week with 30.5 miles.  MCRRC team had a very good turnout and here’s result blog.

May 20 – May 26, I logged 33 miles in total with a pretty good workout on Wednesday night.  Before the workout on May 22, I planned to run 10x400m at 1m’27s’ ~ 1m’30s’ with 400m recover.  Then I ran each repeat at 1m’17.7s’, 1m'22.8s', 1m'17.0s', 1m'19.2s', 1m'17.9s', 1m'23.4s', 1m'20.2s', 1m'18.3s', 1m'20.7s', & 1m'19.3s'.  After the tenth, I felt so good, I did additional 4 set of 200m and jog 200m in between.  For those 200m, I ran 37.8s’, 35.9s’, 36.4s’, & 37.3s’.  I felt significantly sore the very next day, I skipped two days’ running in a row, and ran 13 miles long run on Saturday morning.

May 27 – June 2, I logged 30 miles with an okay track workout; I planned to run 6x800m on May 29 evening.  Then I felt sore when I was warming up.  I did the workout with 2m’48.4s’, 2m’48.4s’, 2m’50.6s’, 2m’57.5s’, 2m’56.9s’, & 2m’52.7s’.  Long run of that week was 10 miles.  I ran total of 127 miles for the month of May.

June 3 – June 9, I logged a total of 34 miles.  That Wednesday night workout was 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200, 800m, & 400m with 400m recover in between.  I ran 1m'22.4s', 2m'52.9s', 4m'27.1s', 6m'05.0s', 4m'25.3s', 2m'51.9s', & 1m'18.6s'.  That wasn’t too bad at all.  I took Thursday off and ran June Bug XC 5K on Friday evening in mud.  It was surely muddy after all day of rain; at some point, I was so close to crash into farm field if I didn’t hit the break fast enough.  With less than 10 hours of sleep, I ran 8 miles with MCRRC Half Marathon Program trainees on Saturday morning.

June 10 – June 16 logged 35 miles.  Track workout for that week was actually pretty good.  The plan was to run 6x1K with 600m recover.  I ran 3m’44.7s’, 3m’47.6s’, 3m’49.8s’, 3m’53.3s’, 3m’51.6s’, & 3m’51.2s’.  I got in approx. 9 miles in total.  Weekend long was 12 miles with the half-marathon group.

June 17 – June 23 logged 39 miles as I’m about get into training mode for MCM.  With some unnecessary and unwanted stress from cross the globe, I did a very excellent workout on the 19th.  The plan was to run 8x800m around 2m’55s’ with 400m recover and I ran 2m’53.0s’, 2m’52.5s’, 2m’53.0s’, 2m’55.5s’, 2m’54.2s’, 2m’54.8s’, 2m’55.2s’, & 2m’48.6s’.  It was best track workout I have done so far this season.  Catherine and Steve helped out a lot for that and thank you y’all!  Weekend long run was 12 miles with half-marathon trainees.

June 24 – June 30 logged 52 miles as the first week of training for MCM.  The stress was still there, but cools off some.  I planned to do the exact workout on Wednesday and I ran 2m’48.5s’, 2m’55.5s’, 2m’58.7s’, 2m’56.8s’, 2m’58.7s’, 2m’56.0s’, 2m’54.8s’, & 2m’49.4s’.  I guess stress is good for running, especially for track workout; however, Catherine and Steve were absent and ran their workout in MC.  Weekend long runs were 13.5 miles on Saturday and 8 miles on Sunday.  I logged total of 170 miles for the month of June.

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