June 25 - July 4, 2011

At first, I need say thanks to Mr. Fox to lead us run in Old Angler's Inn last Saturday.  Old Angler has such nice trail and I should have get a trail running shoes instead of my Brook Adrenaline GTS.  However, I got in about 9 miles with everyone, then ran additional 6 miles on my own on Towpath for the total of (roughly) 15 miles. 

I ran very easy four miles on Queensguard ball field on Sunday.

Monday, ran 45:10 for approx. 6.0 miles.

Tuesday, 60:49 for approx. 8.1 miles.

On Wednesday's morning, I felt sore on my calves when I got up and was debating myself not to run; but my ego won and manage ran 75:03 for approx. 10.2 miles with several fartlak intervals.

I was tired after Wednesday’s morning run, so I planned for an easy 50 minutes for Thursday, more importantly since I am planning for a 17 miler long run coming weekend; but plans never work out the way I wanted.  I started up easy and hit the first mile at 7:30 pace, as I made a left turn on Town Line Road, I pick up the pace while I ran the big inclined, but I'll be able to hold the faster pace till the end.  I end up ran 52:21 for 7.25 miles.

Friday is off (from running) day.  July 1 is also the first day of Copa América 2011 and first match is Argentina  v  Bolivia.

Saturday is long run.  As now, I am planning to run from Suzanna Ln to Water Street and back for total of 18.25 miles.

Sunday, planning for to run 4 ~ 5 miles easy on ball field.

The 4th is on Monday and will see what GRCr will run, but I won’t run more than an hour; then watch firework in the evening.

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