June 18 ~ 26, 2011

I just realized that I haven’t post anything on here for a while, so here is a little update of what is going on with me.  Saturday of June 18, I ran pretty hard on Towpath for approx. 12.1 miles with a time of 88:45.  After I run, I pick up two new pairs of New Balance running shoes from Ross for half price.  What a deal!!!

Sunday of June 19 was Father’s Day, I celebrate the holiday by take it as off-day, and it was the second annual of Georgetown Running Team Father's Day 8K.  I went and volunteer for it; I know it is a contradiction to my June 9’s blog, but one of the GRC teammates told me once ‘… to be part of the team is not only know how to race, it also means how to “give back” to the team… 

Well I guess that is how my way to give back the community; especially for someone like me hardly show up to any team work-out, due to my personal best prefers training style.  Anyway, it was great to meet lots of gals and guys that I don’t usually see; can’t wait for more events and 2012’s edition of FD8K.

Monday of June 20, I was going to run in the morning before work, but I saw heavy rain drop when I roll out of bed in the morning.  So I took my shoes to work and ran near the Tidal Basin and Buckeye Drive instead; logged approx. 5.3 miles for 35:57.

Tuesday morning, I left house before 0600 and ran 7.15 miles in 49:56.

Wednesday was very humid due over night storm; I ran the PL loop very early in the morning for total of 9.1 miles in 65:58 and I was soaking with salty water afterward.

Thursday was some what “colder”, but still mild humid; I still ran 6.3 miles easy with a time of 45:26.

Today is Friday, I took a day off.

Saturday of June 25, I am planning to run 15 miles as my long run from the Old Angler.

Sunday of June 26 will be an easy day for this week’s training and getting ready for next week’s hard work.

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