It was good, but NOT GOOD enough

August 7, 2011 – Riley’s Rumble Half was on Sunday.  I ran a good race, but did not run the target pace that I wanted.  Alarm gone off at 0455, rolled myself out of the bed, and dragged myself into kitchen.  I reheated a big bowl of oatmeal and made a big pot of coffee.  By the time I get myself ready was 0540 and got to starting line at 0620.  I hurried up and got in about 1.5 mile as warm up.  I changed shoes and put my GRC jersey.  It was very warm and humid, I was probably better off running topless, but I was thinking to keep my team pride to put the jersey on; which was very silly. 

As “go” was shouted out, everyone charge out.  I was running about 20 yards or so ahead of Wiggy, Jordan, and B Young; but I got really bother and sweating like crazy with that shirt.  By the time we get close to the first mile mark, I dashed out to my car, and put my shirt into the trunk.  I lost about 30 ~ 40 seconds by doing that and everyone on the course was thinking, ‘what the hell is wrong with him’.  It was very stupid decision that I made, I should have tuck that shirt in my short or give it to someone to hold on for me if he/she doesn’t mind or do something, rather than lost time at the beginning.

However, I made up the lost time on the run; I caught the guys before the 10K mark as we running into those crazy rolling hills.  Some mile marks was on the side of the road, some are on the ground, and I was focus on the run, so my splits are a little crazy as you see below –

Mile 01:              6m’41s’ (excluding the lost time)
Mile 2+3:          13m’13s’ average 6m’37s’ per mile
Mile 04:              6m’48s’
Mile 05:              6m’55s’
Mile 6+7:          13m’27s’ average 6m’44s’ per mile
Mile 08:              7m’14s’
Mile 9+10:        13m’43s’ average 6m’52s’ per mile
Mile 11:              6m’34s’
Mile 12:              7m’09s’
Mile 13:              7m’17s’
Mile 13.1:           0m’37s’

Generally speaking, I think good race; but not good enough.  I was trying to run a marathon simulator by hitting each splits between 6s’40s’ and 6m’45s’.  However, everyone was agreeing that Riley has very challenging course; so that is my defense.  It is course issue and my stupid wardrobe decision at starting line.  The official finish time was 1:30:10 (my watch time is 1:29:44 excluded lost time), placed 11th overall, 6th as club members, and 1st in AG.  It is not bad, but is not good either; I need to think better next time.  I jog about half mile after the race as cool down.  All add up, ran approx. 15 miles for the day.

I joined the fun in Scott’s pool party.  It was awesome party and thank you for the fun time.  The idea of holding breath was turn out to be very stupid (probably because I didn’t holding more than 40 seconds), but Charlie Ban is the true champion of breath holding in Scott’s pool. 

August 8, 2011 – I slept in and may be run later on this evening depend how early I can get out of work. 

August 9, 2011 – TBA…

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