Less than 48 hours away ...

Less than 48 hours away to my 8th States and 15th marathon; as now, forecast 60% to rain on Friday and 50% on Saturday.  This is no good!  BUT it’s possible to change…  Last year, weather also forecasted to rain on race day in Corning NY; but it didn’t drop any during the race and turned sunny afterward … I am knocking on wood that weather gets better on Saturday.
Aside from weather, I also need some extra “energy”.  I need some anger!  Can anyone help me out?  For those read my posts, you know what I mean.  I need someone give me some $hits to get me run harder…  I was thinking to poke on one of my exes, but that may create more after effect/dramas, so not a way to do it.  I also was thinking to poke on Ban.  Yeah, you read it right, Ban.  I think that should do it - if I willing to; but I don’t really wanna.  However, if the weather remains the same forecast on Sat; then may just do the trick.  We’ll see …
On the positive note, Akron Marathon allows runner to instant post/update splits onto WWW and linked to this blog and to my FB account; so for those care, you can see my silly and slow splits on here - Live! (I hope)

At last, based on NY Times article, I should be able to run faster in races than in training; that makes sense!!! Right?

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  1. You want some anger? Well, YUKON JACK, YOU HAVE A FUNNY NAME!!!!! Why are you on your 15th marathon but only your eighth state? You'd better skedaddle if you want to cover all 50. Why are you running awful Akron anyway, do you want to be mugged? why not WTYF? Get fired up!!!!