September 14 - September 16, 2011

  September 14, 2011 – I ran a track workout after work at MC track.  The plan was run 3x2miles with 6:40/mi marathon pace, which 13:20 for each rep.  However, I didn’t run close to what I planned (as usual); the splits are
Rep 1: 11:59
Rep 2: 12:24
Rep 3: 13:32
I think I was gearing up Akron and push myself out little too hard to ensure myself.  The training shouldn’t be hard now, it should be easy to keep the “condition”; HOWEVER, after this workout, I know what my limits are - I was running hard in the workout and it was two days after a semi-hard half marathon.  I know I’ll be able to hold my pace consistent in marathon as I usually do.
  September 15, 2011 – I woke up with sore calves and hammy; so I decided to run in the late afternoon, so I can get enough time ice down.  I ran for 56:38 from office to Mt. Vernon trail, and then back from Towpath & Parkway; the total run is about 8 miles. 
  September 16, 2011 – I made today as an easy day and kept legs off from running.  It is only eight days from race day (09/24) and it currently forecast sunny sky with lower 50s degree in Akron.  I hope the weather condition remain as now.

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