November 2 – November 8, 2011

11/02/2011 – After two days off, I went down Wotton HS Track after work to do a very light track workout.  I left work bright and early, got to track around 18:30, and then met up with Ms. C Howard.  We jogged around the track for a few laps as warm up.  Since I ran 23.8 miles not long ago, then I decided to be her rabbit for majority of her workout.  Her workout was 400 + 800 + 1200 + 1600 + 1200 + 800 + 400 with 400s as break in between.  She ran very strong in each of laps; splits between 87s and 99s each 400.  When time rolled to 1600, I believed my legs warm up enough to run hard as a tempo; but I still weren’t going to hammer down like crazy.  So I decide to run around 90s per lap.  I ran out and clicked watch each 400s.  When I done, I check my splits, I have 90s, 90s, 92s, and 93s; not bad, but not great either.  I jogged around the oval to wait for Cathy to get done and finished rest of her workout.  I lost count how many laps I ran after a while, I ran for total of 47m’03s’ approx. 6.5 – 7.0 miles (I think).
11/03/2011 – I was not sore after Wednesday’s light workout and in fact I felt relatively refreshing.  I ran across Fourteenth Street Bridge, then en route back to office from Arlington Memorial Bridge for a time of 41m’07s’ approx. 6.0 mile. 
11/04/2011 – I was somewhat sore when I got out of bed.  I did not want to push another hard lunch hour run and decided to do it easy.  I ran for 32m’54s’ approx. 4.5 miles.
11/05/2011 – I usually do my long runs on Sundays, but since NYC marathon going to be on 11/06 morning; so I ran it on Saturday morning instead.  I ran from my house on MH Trail to Baltimore Road on RCP trail for 6.2 miles at 47m’ flat.  Then I turned around to run back home and add on additional 0.9 mile at the end.  I finished with a time of 1h’35m’27s’, approx. 13.0 miles.  The run though RCP was super nice.  Morning sun light shines into urban forest and created very intensive color; it turns pink-leaves to red, red-leaves to light maroon, orange-leaves to pink, etc.  It is like a symphony play within an oil painting while I stroll in.  Beautiful!
11/06/2011 – I woke up early, got myself out of door in time to logged 5.5 miles for 41m’18s’ before NYC marathon shown on Universal Sport.  It was great day to run for record breaking. 
11/07/2011 – After a good night sleep and a week off from intensive running, my legs were fresh for more punishment.  Around 12:30, I jogged down to Ohio Dr. SW as warm up, then started a 4x1.0 mile tempo run, plus with 2x0.5 mile at the end, with 3m’ break between rep.  The plan was start at 6m’15s’ and work the way down.  I clocked 6m’18s’, 6m’15s’, 5m’55s’, & 6m’02s’ for each mile and 2m’57s’ & 3m’04s’ for each half.  At the end, I jogged for about 1.8 mile back to office from Lincoln Memorial.  I logged for 1h’03m’18s’ approx. 8.6 miles for the day.
11/08/2011 – I felt sore when I roll out bed in the morning.  I got myself to work within reasonable hour and gone out for a run for 32m’15s’ approx. 4.7 miles.
Tomorrow is track workout.  As now, I am planning for a 6x1 miler repeat that started around 6m'20s' and work the way down to 5m'55s'.  I'll post splits later on.


As you may know in the recent news that you read something regarded to “Colon Cancers Linked to Inactivity”.  That is not new news.  As far as I know, most culture has old saying about “life is depend on being active”; but modern society believe some scientific research need to be done in order to believe anything is "real".  I remember long ago, when I suggested my opinions to some of my inactive-friends about fitness, they always remind me that ‘I’ll die if I run like you’, or ’it doesn’t changed anything to world or people around me rather I active or not’, or ‘I am so old [in his early 40s], if I run, my bone will crack’, or talked back to me about what their traditional belief.  I hope they read that news when it came out or follow the link to read it, so maybe you are willingly start moving the big-boned-behind, hopefully is not too late to develop any cancer cells. 
I print the article and put it up in our galley.  I hope my supers can read it and stop talked me into being inactive or less active.  Then, I read another article today on NYT regarded to “holiday weight gain”.  So let's think of these together for a moment,
'if we are inactive and love to eat during holiday, then we can gain a few pounds this Nov/Dec/Jan, then maintain the weight from Feb – Oct, then develop cancer cells along the way; do it like this year after year.  Then we can get to DONE real soon.’
Great!  Let’s have some fatty meat, in order to over populate the heaven/hell soon; unless you believe in Buddhism that you will incarnate as different life form.
Moreover, let’s think of which is most painful and embarrassing way to die.  Would you rather die in the instant (by heart attack or run over by car or strike by lighting or drown in Potomac) or very painfully and embarrassedly with a pain in your butt (literally)? 
Whichever, I rather run my ass my off, as we have a saying in Texas, ‘if you don’t move your legs, fat won’t run off from your ass.’  So, people!  Please get up and go for a walk/jog outside after you done with my rant.

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