November 9 – November 10, 2011

11/09/2011 – I didn’t have an excellent day at work; although I start day pretty good, then things gone south from noon.  I got myself out of work bright & early and got to Wotton HS Track around 17:40.  I slowly did my warm up (approx. 2000m) and started my workout.  The plan was run 6x1.0 mile with 3:00 break; also planned to start near 6m’20s’ [95s], and then work the way down to 5m’56s’ [89s]. 
I forgot to splits my lap time in the first miler and I ended with 6m’28s’.  Then took my breaks and continued to finish the other five milers.  The splits are:
2 – 6m’11s’ [1m’31s’, 1m’35s’, 1m’35s’, & 1m’30s’]
3 – 6m’06s’ [1m’29s’, 1m’32s’, 1m’33s’, & 1m’32s’]
4 – 6m’03s’ [1m’29s’, 1m’32s’, 1m’32s’, & 1m’30s’]
5 – 5m’56s’ [1m’29s’, 1m’31s’, 1m’29s’, & 1m’27s’]
6 – 5m’58s’ [1m’29s’, 1m’31s’, 1m’30s’, & 1m’28s’]
After I ran these miler repeat, I felt strong and refreshing, but still somewhat frustrated with something.  I decided at the last minute to run 4x400m around 85s.  Then I ran:
01 – 400m: 1m’24s’ + 400 jog break = 800 m
02 – 400m: 1m’26s’ + 400 jog break = 800 m

03 – 400m: 1m’28s’ + 400 jog break = 800 m
04 – 400m: 1m’20s’ + 400 jog break = 800 m
Add up 1 mi: 5m’38s’ + w/down jog:   3200m
Felt very great at the end and very sore.  I jogged around the track for about 10m’21s’ (1600 m) as warm down, and logged for approx. 16400m or 10.2 miles for the day. 
11/10/2011 – Sore!  I have been running eight days in a roll by looking at my log.  I think today is best day to off from running; since Candy Cane City 5K is on Saturday and I have a 16 miles long run for this weekend.  I think I will run a mile or so as warm up, then race the 5K, then 12 miles as warm down.  I may do something very easy on Sunday and ready for next week’s training.

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