January 6 – January 12, 2012

01/06/2012 was a super nice day.  Sunny and was in sub-60s degree.  I ran very comfortably around Tidal Basin and RC PKWY for 36m’24s’, approx. 5.4 miles.

01/07/2012: I took a day off from running but stretch a lot.

01/08/2012 got out of bed early enough to ran down Matthew Hanson Trail toward Needwood Lake and back for 14 miles, logged 1h’40m’44s’ in total.

01/09/2012 was not even sore from Sunday’s run; ran pretty good pace on Mt.  Vernon trail via Arlington Memorial Bridge to Fourteenth Street Bridge, logged 40m’29s’, approx. 6.4 miles.

01/10/2012, I ran for 53m’50s’, approx. 7.7 miles onto Theodore Roosevelt Island.

01/11/2012 was cloudy and rain shower when I left my office.  I decided to en-route Glover Archibald Trail and ran down Mass Avenue to back to work.  Rain was gotten harder half way into my run, mud and leaves were everywhere and slippery.  Everything looked very familiar to me and I got lost in the wood.  I circled around few time, finally found my way out, and got onto Whitehaven St.; I ran 1h’01m’ for the day and approx. 8.1 miles.  I really should run that trail more often as I said before.

01/12/2012 has an off-site meeting that I need to attend and don’t think there has a chance for me to run any, I might as well take a day off then...

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