January 13 – February 3, 2012

I had been very lazy for this blog.  I got something (FCWR) to occupy me lately and good old laziness.  However, I did have something in journal that I edit it onto here for everyone’s eye.  So read on –

01/13/2012 was very windy and cold.  I ran 31m’23s’ on Matthew Henson Trail approx. 3.9 miles as a pre-race run for Saturday.

01/14/2012 was as cold as Friday, but less wind.  I got myself down Sligo Middle School early and get ready for Shooting Starr 6K.  This race always pretty hilly toward the end and I somehow managed to ran a new personal best in that distance with a time of 22m’51s’.  I ran additional two miles as warm down.  In the afternoon, I watch NBC special on Houston Olympic Marathon Trial; it was great to see a strong team going to London to represent the Stars and Spangled Banner.

01/15/2012 was not much different in term of temperature.  I drove down to Difficult Run Trail to run with the Gang of Ban.  It was cold and dry; everything along the trail was either solid hard rock or ice, just very different surface to run on.  The run the trail was challenge and that including with cliff climbing on the edge of a creek.  The work paid off, when we stroll to the overlook, the view was breath taking, Potomac water rush downward was so loud to the point that I felt my power was over taken by it.  I ran for 2h'14m'30s' approx. 16.4 miles and pancake party at the Ban afterward.

01/16/2012 ran 42m’03s’ for approx. 5.8 miles.

01/17/2012 ran 48m’54s’ for approx. 7.0 miles.

01/18/2012 was very windy and I ran Hais Point in 61m’32s’ for 8.6 miles. 

01/19/2012 was still very cold, but least windy; ran 51m’59s’ approx. 7.0 miles onto Memorial Bridge and via Theodore Roosevelt Island. 

01/20/2012 ran 34m’03s’ for approx. 4.7 miles on RC PKWY and met T Matzke on the way back. 

01/21/2012 took a day off from running.

01/22/2012 ran the guys from the Line to the Zoo, then en-route back; I had very tough time to run iced Ridge Road.  I have no idea how they can keep the pace and ran thought it; but I was almost fall a couple times.  Long story short, I ran 2h’00m’14s’ for approx. 16.5 miles. 

01/23/2012 ran 41m’42s’ for approx. 5.9 miles.  Happy Dragon New Year to everyone! 

01/24/2012 ran 53m’30s’ for approx. 7.7 miles.

01/25/2012 ran 1h’06m’05s’ for approx. 9.3 miles.

01/26/2012 ran 37m’08s’ for approx. 5.6 miles.

01/27/2012 ran 52m’53s’ for approx. 7.1 miles. 

01/28/2012 took a day off from running. 

01/29/2012 was good day and I ran down Matthew Henson Trail for 1h’40m’41s’ for approx. 13.7 miles. 

01/30/2012 got out of work early enough to be able to run near home on MH Trail.  I ran 43m’29s’ for approx. 6.2 miles. 

01/31/2012 weather was super nice.  I got to work extra early and be able run to Key Bridge and back to work on Fourteenth Street Bridge for 56m’53s’ approx. 8.5 miles. 

02/01/2012 weather was still super nice.  I was able to run from Hais Point and via RC PKWY for 67m’25s’ approx. 9.3 miles. 

02/02/2012 ran 57m’10s’ for approx. 8.0 miles. 

02/03/2012 after several days of hard runs, I decided to take a day off from running and focus on weekend’s long run. 
I am planning to run 15~16 on Saturday and no more than an hour on Sunday.  I will need to start doing tempo runs next week, detail will come later.

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