Evening of March 5 - March 8, 2012

I got to work was early enough on 03/05 that allow me to leave work at 16:17.  The commute was the best I never had and only took me 50 minutes door to door from DC.  So I got myself into clothes to jog on MH Trail instead of walk home from Glenmont.  I jogged comfortably for 35m’55s’.

Next day morning (03/06/2012) I ran exactly 46 minutes for approx. 6.4 miles and felt good.  I also finally pulled the trigger (or click the mouse) and get myself into
Gansett Marathon on April 14.  Gansett Marathon is best known as anti-Boston-Marathon marathon with harder qualification standard.  For those may interested, you can see Gansett Marathon course map at and I mapped it on GP –

For this race, I got most everything booked and ready to go; however, I am looking for place to visit while I am out there; if anyone has good suggestion about the area, feel free to let me know or post comment below.  However, I think I will very likely to visit that area at least one more time; since Cape Cod Marathon is not far from Narragansett RI, when you look on the map.

Wednesday morning I ran very easily, logged 59m’11s’, approx. 8.4 miles.

Thursday morning, I was going to take this run as an easy tempo run and planned to run no more than 45m’; but I made a silly wrong turn on RC PKWY trail and ended up with 54m’26s’, approx. 7.9 miles.  It is all good.  RTHK radio shows remind me that today is a holiday for all women of the world - Happy International Women's Day:'s_Day
Not sure about Friday morning’s run, since I have an appointment at 09:00; I am not sure I have enough time to run, stretch, shower, and eat before it.  Weekend long run for this week is an easy 13 miles with few quick pick-ups at marathon pace.  I will see what I can do then...

IAAF World Indoor is this weekend -

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